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The Simple Funeral

The 'Simple Funeral' package is designed as a reduced-cost option for when there is financial hardship. Your loved one will receive a full, compassionate service supported by our experienced funeral directors. In order to minimise costs, some of the services associated with a typical funeral are not available, whilst still providing care and dignity to the deceased and their family.


The 'Simple Funeral' package includes the following:


  • Transfer of the deceased to our premises during normal working hours (9am - 5pm Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays), from within a 10 mile radius. (Outside of these hours an additional charge will be incurred).

  • Provision of a simple light oak effect coffin with 6 brass effect handles.

  • Dressing of the deceased in a white gown, which we will provide, or in their own clothing.


  • Viewing of the deceased during normal working hours.

  • Care of the deceased until the funeral.

  • Guidance on registration of the death.

  • Attending to all necessary arrangements and paperwork, providing a funeral director and bearers for the funeral.

  • A cremation at the nearest crematorium, or a graveside service at a local cemetery, at a date and time of our choosing (usually prior to 11am).

  • Provision of a minister of an appropriate religion.

  • A traditional hearse to transport the coffin directly to the crematorium/cemetery for the funeral.


This package does not include any form of procession to the crematorium, a service in a place of worship prior to the cremation, any limousines, collection or storage of cremated remains, or the payment of any fees not deemed essential to the funeral. There are no variations permitted to this package, and full payment must be received at least 72 hours prior to the funeral.


While we are unable to add items such as flowers, press notices and catering to this package, we are happy to provide details of how to source these items yourself, where you can make direct payments.

How much does The Simple Funeral Cost?

The Simple Funeral costs £1775 plus disbursements​, please contact your local branch for further information. You can view our complete range of costs on our prices page

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