Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation is an economic and simple alternative to a traditional funeral.


It is the simplest of all funerals, where no formal ceremony takes place. The body of the deceased is moved from the place of death, whether this be their home, a nursing home or a hospital, then placed in a simple but dignified coffin, and transported to crematorium in a suitable vehicle for the cremation to take place.


Unlike some funeral directors, we still offer all our usual care to the deceased as if a traditional funeral is taking place, and welcome you to visit them if you want to.


After the cremation, we are able to hold the cremated remains for up to 3 months while arrangements are made for their disposal in your chosen manner, which if required, we can also assist with.

Who chooses Direct Cremation?

  • People who believe that a funeral should simply be the act of dealing with the physical body.

  • Families who do not want to attend a traditional cremation service, but perhaps would like a Memorial Service at a later date.

  • Individuals who simply do not want a funeral ceremony.

  • People who chose to donate their body to medical research, but when the death occured, the body could not be accepted. In cases like this, the family has often not given thought to a funeral ceremony as one was not expected.

How much does a Direct Cremation Cost?

We offer Direct Cremations from £1775 including disbursements​, please contact your local branch for further information.

Can this kind of funeral be paid for in advance with a funeral plan?

Yes, in order to avoid any unneccesary costs, this should be done through our Independent Way Funeral Plan, please see our Funeral Plan page for further information, or give us a call.

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