Most people will have given little or no thought to the coffin they want for themselves or a loved one, indeed many will not even realise there is a choice on the type of coffin they can have.

While making the funeral arrangements, the funeral director will talk to you about your thoughts on the coffin, to some it is almost meaningless, to others, extremely important; there is no right or wrong; but with options from solid oak, to wool, to no coffin at all, we will find something to meet your taste and budget.


Below, you will find a some of the coffins that we use regularly, all available with a range of personalisation options, we have tried different suppliers to provide a high quality coffin at a reasonable price.


All of the coffins that we use regularly are sourced from sustainable resources.

What if I have a different coffin in mind?

Please tell us your ideas, chances are that we have come across a similar idea before, and will be able to source it for you from a reliable supplier. If it is not a coffin we have used before, we will ensure you are happy with the price before we order it.


Already found what you want? We are happy to source the coffin from wherever you want us to, although we will hold no responsibility for the quality of the coffin.

Can I source/make my own coffin?

By all means, we will simply not charge the cost of a coffin in our fees. We recommend you talk to us about this before you place the order, as depending on where the funeral is to be, there may be restrictions that need to be taken into account.

As family funeral directors, we understand and encourage the personalisation of the funeral service. There are some practical considerations to address though, like where is the coffin to be delivered, our branches may not be manned at all times. Coffins also come in a variety of sizes, and we want to make sure you get one that is suitable for the deceased.