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Live stream funeral services

While it may not be traditional in this country for funeral services to be recorded or broadcast, the Covid-19 pandemic forced social changes. These restricted who was able to attend funerals in person, whether it be through ill health, self-isolation, or travel restrictions and highlighted the benefits of live streaming a funeral service. 

Not attending a funeral interrupts our usual grieving process. We looked into different ways of involving a wider group into services where travel to a service was impractical (or impossible during lockdowns). In these cases, some wait and have Memorial or Celebration of Life services further down the line. For those that want to postpone, we are here to support with the arrangements when you feel the time is right.

With the vast majority of people having access to the internet, the easiest way to involve them is to use a funeral livestream or webcast for the service. If wished, words can be sent from those who can't attend to be contributed into the service. Some virtual attendees even use the chat service within a webcast to share their thoughts and memories with the family and others watching. This can then be tied to giving donations through our Obituaries and Donations page.

Our aims for funeral webcasting

In deciding to move forward with this kind of technology, we felt it was important that a number of aims be met. We wanted to offer funeral livestreams that are private, so only those the family want to see it can do so. The webcast needs to be good quality, so those watching can clearly see and hear the service and that any equipment be discreet, so as not to disturb the service or those able to attend in person. Finally, we wanted to offer a cost effective livestream service.

What we offer achieves all the aims we set out, at a cost of £125. The price is only applicable where we have arranged the funeral. Our live streaming funeral services can be used both indoor and outdoor venues. Please see the example videos below:

These are samples of our live broadcast, an additional recorded copy can be provided to the family at no additional cost.

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