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Standardised Price List

All funeral directors are now legally required to publish a standardised price list for a defined set of products and services. The purpose of this is so that you can compare the charges of different funeral directors. However, this does not take into account quality of service, care and products that are being offered to you. For example, each funeral director chooses what standard of coffin to include, we have chosen to include The Cardinal Coffin, because that is what the vast majority of our clients opt for.

In order to maintain transparency of our costs, we have chosen to publish our full service funeral prices on our standardised price list. You can choose to add items from our additional options brochure, or any other special requests you wish. Some funeral directors may have some restrictions on what you can change when using the costs quoted in the standardised price list, for example, they may charge extra for attending a church, or for the funeral procession leaving from the family home. These kind of costs are already included in our prices.

Please click on the relevant branch below to see our standardised price list. All the funeral director's fees are the same across our branches, but each list also contains information relevant to third party costs within the local area (within a 30 minute drive, or to the nearest crematorium). Where you are looking for a price for a burial, you will see a range of costs, which are the minimum and maximum cost of a burial in an existing grave for a local resident, including gravedigging. Because there is such a variety of different costs, for an exact figure for the cemetery you need, we recommend you contact us.

Standardised Price Lists with Local Service Option Prices (click your local branch)

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