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Funeral Vehicles

Mercedes Hearse & Limousines funeral hire vehicles

We can help arrange a variety of different types of funeral vehicle hire, including traditional hearse for the coffin and a limousine for your family.


We also offer alternative funeral transport to make the day exactly as you wish it to be. Our all-electric passenger vehicles are an eco-friendly alternative to a limousine. We can also provide traditional horse-drawn carriages and camper van or motorcycle hearses.


Get in touch to discuss your funeral vehicle requests.

Traditional Funeral Vehicles

The hearse for the funeral with chauffeur and sufficient bearers are also an essential part of our service to you, especially when your family's request is to go into church or a place of worship, because, unless requested otherwise, or it is unsafe to do so, we shoulder the coffin both into and out of church. This we believe is the ultimate in reverence and respect, and reflects our part in tradition.


Limousines are charged for separately. This ensures that the family are not charged for something they may not need or want. The charges for limousines are fully inclusive to cover the address at which your family require to be picked up, through to your final destination. Each limousine will carry up to six mourners, occasionally we may be able to offer a seventh seat next to the driver, please discuss this with us if it is required.

Jaguar I-Pace electric funeral vehicle for hire
Mercedes Hearse for hire York

As an alternative to the traditional limousine, we are able to offer regular passenger vehicles. This option is available to those who do not need to transport as many people, would prefer a more discreet vehicle, or simply to keep costs down, as we offer these funeral cars at a reduced cost compared to a traditional limousine.

As a new addition to our fleet, we are now able to offer the use of a Jaguar I-Pace, an all-electric vehicle, charged from renewable electricity sources, for those who wish to lower their environmental impact and to complement green funeral arrangements.

While we are not currently able to offer an 'eco-hearse' from within our fleet, it is something we are looking into for the future, but it is possible to hire one for a specific request.

Removal Vehicles

The first vehicle you may encounter is the removal car, or hearsette. This is used to move the deceased from their home, nursing home or hospital back to our Chapel of Rest.


Our vehicles are discreet and dignified, to afford you the privacy you need and deserve at this difficult time. If you do not want to use a traditional hearse for the funeral, these vehicles may be used instead.

JG Fielder and Son removal vehicle, hearsette

We offset our emissions using Eco-point, meaning that new woodland is planted to counter the mileage we travel.


The new woodlands are quality assured by the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code. The Woodland Carbon Code certifies projects to ISO standards, and the certification and planting status of each woodland is publicly verifiable via the Markit Environmental Registry.

Specially Requested Alternative Funeral Vehicles

If there is a special vehicle that you would like to use for the funeral, we are more than happy to help.


We have access to a network of suppliers that can accommodate just about any request, from a traditional horse-drawn carriage, to a motorcycle hearse, to pretty much any type of vehicle you can think of. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Motorcycle , Motorbike, Trike hearse
1965 VW Split Screen Hearse campervan
 horse drawn hearse for hire
1972 VW Bay Window Hearse campervan
Land Rover Hearse for hire
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