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Children's Funerals

Arranging a funeral for a child is something no-one can imagine having to do. If you are visiting this page, we are very sorry for your loss.


Our funeral directors are experienced in dealing with situations where children have passed away. We offer a full service for this type of funeral and will discuss any ideas and thoughts you may have. Our compassionate team of funeral directors can also help you access free professional bereavement support to help you with your grief. 


As each service of this type is so unique, it is not possible to provide a standard set of costs. However, most of the costs involved in arranging a child's funeral are either waived or reduced.


Many families do not have to pay any costs at all for a child's funeral, although there may be some elements over which we have no control. During the funeral arrangements, we will discuss these things with you.

With the recent introduction of the Children's Funeral Fund, this will further reduce any financial burden on grieving families. It is not means tested, and covers:

  • £300 towards a coffin

  • A burial plot and interment fees

  • The application fee for a memorial on the plot (but not the memorial itself)

  • Gravedigger's fees

  • Cremation fees

  • Doctor's cremation forms



We have a full range of coffins available for children, ranging from a simple white casket, through to appropriately sized coffins that match those on our coffins page. We also supply caskets and cremation keepsakes for a lasting memorial. 



A traditional hearse is sometimes not appropriate for the funeral of a child, particularly if very young. In these instances, the coffin my be carried with the family in a limousine, or we have a customised hearsette, which enables the parents to sit beside the child's coffin.

Child Funeral Charity

If you need financial assistance in paying for the funeral of a child, ask us to refer you to The Child Funeral Charity.

Further Financial Assistance

If you are receiving a qualifying benefit, you may be able to receive assistance from The Social Fund. See for further information.


Funeral Payment Application Form

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