Tributes and Notices

We offer to organise all matters relating to the funeral, including those detailed below, but you are free to make your own arrangements. We will not put you under pressure to use a supplier mentioned by us. If you do ask us to make these arrangements, the cost will be the same as if you had arranged them independently.


Service Sheets

It is becoming more and more popular to have a printed Order of Service at a funeral, although there is no requirement to do so. We use professional printers to ensure a high quality product, which can be customised to meet your requirements, and you are welcome to see a proof before we do the final print.


If you choose to produce your own Order of Service, we do ask that you pass these on to us at least the day before the funeral, this is so we can ensure they are at the venue for when mourners begin to arrive, and do not delay the start of the service.

Floral Tributes

A floral tribute is a personal way of saying goodbye to your loved one.

We have brochures of various styles of floral tributes for you to browse to get ideas, you can either choose one of these, personalise them, or have a completely bespoke piece made by our florists.


After the funeral, we will if requested, take the tributes to the destination of your choice so that they may be appreciated by others.


It is now common that only immediate family will arrange floral tributes, and ask that anybody else who wishes to, to make a donation to a chosen charity.


We can provide venue and menu choices in whatever area you choose to have the reception, whether this be near the service venue, or somewhere closer to home.

In most cases this tends to be a simple buffet, but can be as simple as drinks and biscuits, or as elaborate as a sit down meal, there are options to suit all budgets.


Some venues offer a hire only option, where it is necessary to bring in outside caterers. We have a number of tried and tested caterers that we are happy to recommend, they offer sample menus, or can customise a menu to meet your requirements.

Press Notices

It is traditional, though not essential, to place an announcement in a local or national newspaper. We can place a notice in any paper or publication you choose.

This serves two useful objectives. To make sure anyone wishing to attend the funeral is able to, by informing relatives and friends of the appropriate time and place. Secondly, to reduce the chance of an embarrassing encounter with an uninformed friend or neighbour.

With social media becoming commonplace, many people now forego placing a traditional newspaper notice, instead opting for an online memorial page that can be shared electronically.  We offer to set up a suitable page free of charge, and then pass over control to you so that you can personalise and share it as you see fit.


The majority of people now ask people to make a donation in memory of a loved one instead of bringing flowers, and this can be divided amongst as many charities as you wish. If people who are unable to attend wish to send a donation, they can send a cheque to us, please make it payable to the charity.


We offer to administer donations on your behalf at no cost, this will include counting and dividing donations as required, and then sending, or if possible, hand delivering them locally. We keep full records, and ask all charities to acknowledge receipt to the person arranging the funeral.


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