These beautiful round crystal urns are made from the world-famous Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic and is characterised by having the same sparkle as diamonds.

The design of the smaller keepsake size candle holder gives either a small group or individual the opportunity to use the symbolism of a burning flame to focus thoughts upon memories of a loved one.

Each round crystal urn is hand blown by an experienced professional and is an exclusive piece of art. Although the basic design remains the same, each one has its own unique details, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Keepsakes are suitable for holding a token amount of ashes. They are not designed for outdoor display.

Round Crystal Urns

  • Urn

    Height: 22cm

    Capacity: 3.5L

    Keepsake Candle Holder

    Height: 12cm

    Capacity: 0.7L

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