This ceramic teardrop urn is a special feature of our range. It is finished in bronze high-gloss metallic paint which shimmers and changes tone depending on how the light catches it.


The urn is fashioned entirely by hand from a piece of clay weighing 9 kilos and worked on a potter's wheel. Once the urn is in its final shape, it is left to dry for three weeks and then fired two or three times at up to 1,250 degrees Celsius.


This ceramic teardrop urn is not designed for outdoor display.

Ceramic Teardrop Urn

  • Keepsake

    Height: 12cm, Capacity: 0.15L


    Height: 22cm, Capcity: 0.8L


    Height: 27cm, Capcity: 2L


    Height: 32cm, Capacity: 3.7L

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